FBDCA Blankets

Your Frenchie will be snuggling up to you in no time! Measuring 50" x 70", this oversized microfiber polyester fleece throw is knitted with ultra-fine microfiber yarns, finely sheared on both sides for a soft touch that rivals cashmere. It's warm and durable for the ultimate in all season comfort. Perfect for sitting and relaxing at sporting events, picnics or cozy evenings on the couch! 

The FBDCA 2021 Logo is embroidered in the corner at a 45 degree angle.  The size is 4.25" wide x 5.0" tall.  

Options include:

1)  Add your kennel name for just $5.00.  We will use cheshire font and the thread color will match a color in the design.  The size of this design is 5.0" wide x 5.25" tall.

2)  special instructions in case you want your item delivered to a future dog show instead of being mailed.



FBDCA Blankets
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